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About Thammasat University (Pattaya Campus)

          ISEEE 2015 will be held at Thammasat University (Pattaya Campus).  The campus is situated about 20 Km from the world-renowned Pattaya beach. Since the venue for the symposium is the University campus which is in a remote area, it is suggested that the participants stay at another hotel in Pattaya district for more comfort. We are making arrangement with a hotel for your best deal, and we will provide transportation from this specific hotel to the symposium site.

          Pattaya is a special administrative district in Chonburi Province which is located in the eastern part of Thailand. It is about 1.5 hours fromSuvarnabhumi Airport. Pattaya is a city full of diversity - beaches, shopping malls, international cuisines, and pubs.  Besides its famous nightlife, Pattaya has a lot more to offer beyond beaches and entertainment. There are a few emerging tourist attractions like Pattaya Floating Market, Ang Sila Old Market, and Sanctuary of Truth which is a gigantic wooden construction covered with wooden carved sculptures reflecting ancient philosophy.

          Please visit the suggested website where you can find information for
planning activities for sightseeings.


          A-ONE THE ROYAL CRUISE HOTEL, Pattaya. ISEEE participants will receive a special rate providing that they use the following reservation this form.


        Transportation between Suvarnabhumi Airport and A-one hotel will be provided for those who travel during November 7th – 10th only (free of charge).  Please fill in the registration form for transportation request. Upon receiving your request, we will send email to you to notify your airport pickup time. 

         - From Suvarnabhumi Airport - mini-vans operate every 2-3 hours from Suvarnabhumi Airport to A-one hotel during November 7th and 8th.

        - To Suvarnabhumi Airport (for return flights)- mini-vans are provided only on November 10th.

       During the symposium, transportation between A-one Hotel and the symposium site (Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus) will be provided in the morning and evening of November 7th-10th. The travelling time is approximately 30 minutes by van.